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We offer Integrated services required for Redevelopment of your Building

Swarekon offers you a hassle-free approach of Redevelopment where the entire project is managed by our unified professional team...

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At Swarekon we are focused on enhancing the personal satisfaction of the Housing Societies we serve.

Empanelled Teams

While Swarekon undertakes the job of a director, the decisive professionals in the Orchestra are instrumental in making the required harmony.

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Hazards Mitigated methodology
Dealing with the course and arrangement of Finance is done by Swarekon.

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We provide tentative feasibility report absolutely free of cost to check the viability of your project.

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Self Redevelopment

Self Redevelopment, The most seasoned method for doing redevelopment. This DIY style of redevelopment in spite of the fact that the most established and most valuable is considered the most troublesome one. Swarekon offers you all redevelopment related services in one point contact to make this Story of Self Redevelopment a True Success.

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For Self Redevelopment, the Housing society is required to
●    Select Project Management Consultant
●   Orchestrate reserves required for the Redevelopment
●   Choose Architects, Contractors, Consultants, Legal Advisors,
●   Charted Accountants, Procurement Managers, and so on.
●   Give the significant extent of work to every Agency/Expert
●    Higher additional room and corpus contrasted with different methodologies
●   Rent allotment oversaw according to comfort
●   Authorization in the hands of the Housing Societies for plans, structures and furthermore setting advancement measures
●   All the documentation and plans in the society’s name
Checklist of records required from Society
●    Property Card
●    CTS Plan
●    Existing carpet area of members
●    DP/TP
●    Conveyance & OC status