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We offer Integrated services required for Redevelopment of your Building. Swarekon offers you a hassle-free approach of Redevelopment where the entire project is managed by our unified professional team right from the conception to the accomplished Redeveloped product along with the closing of account books. This unified professional fee-based approach brings optimum advantage to the society members, without any struggle.


Mumbai, India's commercial capital. Home to different communities. The population is increasing all the time. Open land parcels have begun to decline in recent decades. Redevelopment has become the most viable option for meeting the housing needs of the city.

In the course of the most recent decade, most structures have crossed the 30-year point. Housing Societies have begun giving an legit idea for redevelopment. Yet, these dreams are as yet directionless. The prime reason being the vulnerabilities and doubt with the current models of redevelopment.


Developer drove redevelopment has been considered as the most acknowledged arrangement. In any case, the model has posted a ton of weaknesses. Missing standard methodology, absence of straightforwardness, misuse of advantages and fluctuating affirmations were a couple of those deficiencies. This model left Housing Societies with an unpleasant taste and absence of trust for the Developer network.

The other methodology, Self-Redevelopment, in spite of the fact that had more advantages for the general public, never took off in light of the complexities included and absence of Concrete course and its execution.

The Housing Societies have been in a difficulty for quite a while and the trust remainder in Redevelopment has additionally diminished. With society individuals ending up powerless and restless, the requirement for a precise methodology and a control body relieving the dangers amid redevelopment was winding up evidently. With this focus and concern at the core, Swarekon was created.


An Organised body of professionals that guides and oversees the Redevelovpment with complete straightforwardness conveying most extreme advantages while covering all the conceivable dangers, Swarekon has everything necessary to put a conclusion to the combat of Housing Societies.

Swarekon is simply the SOP (standard operating procedure) redevelopment of Housing Societies. In this novel methodology, the whole task is executed by empaneled specialists, who work in a state of harmony with the Swarekon procedure, directly from abstraction to the last piece of usage.

Our Team

Mr. Suhas Salvi

Executive Director

20 Years Experience in Real Estate Business And Public Relations. Sales Head and Key Initiator of the Team. Has expertise in Project Commencement and Execution. Founder of Swarekon India Pvt. Ltd.

Ar.Geetesh Varte

Executive Director

Co-Founder having 10+ years of experience in Architectural field. Specializes in design and liasoning. Work experience at P.G Patki, Sanjay Puri for more than eight years. Ongoing projects at Girgaon, Ghatkopar, Gulbarga.

Adv.Apollo Moghe

Professional Director

Pioneer to kickstart a Self Redevelopment project, even when the term Self Redevelopment was not coined.
Successfully leading ongoing Ajitkumar CHS at Goregaon, Naikwadi.

Er.Vinay Gajjar

Professional Director

40 Years Experience in Project Management. Acquired work experience at Delhi, Mumbai, Nashik and Gulf Countries. Ongoing PMC works at Ghatkopar, Thane, Mulund

Mr.Sitaram Adivrekar

Developer & Advisory

30 Years Experience as Developer in Mumbai City, Western Suburbs, Panvel, etc. Currently working on providing Affordable Housing to 200 APMC workers at Panvel.

Ar.Mangesh Mestry

Professional Director

10+ years of experience in Architectural field in Mumbai and Delhi. Expert in resolving technical details and System Management. Specializes in Sustainable Design and Timely Execution.

Ar.Aneri Parekh

Professional Director

Graduated from Rachna Sansad AOA. Work Experience at Shashi Prabhu and Associates. Specializes in Human Resource Management.